Welcome To Zaros-Ps

Zaros-Ps is a Runescape private server based on the 2012 era of Runescape with a modified cache. It is completely free to play and offers some of the most unique and highest quality game-play in Runescape private server history. .

Be part of our community

Come play the best runescape private server of 2018 and start your next adventure of the new year! Join our active community and have the time of your life on Erebus the top rsps currently out! .

Zaros-Ps & RS3 Content

We aim at a server mixed with up to date Rs3 content along with pre-Eoc content.

Player Vs. Monster

Explore the various bosses and their drops that are spread around Zaros-Ps.Zaros-PS offers a great variation of enjoyable pvm.

Player Owned Shops

Ever wanted a stable Market? Use the player owned shops to easily trade with players among Zaros-PS.